Fragile Cities and Territories


“Fragile Cities and Territories” research line focuses on the following topics:

– safety and identity: the post-earthquake reconstruction of the Apennine city;
– hydrogeological risk mitigation works as strengthening of the identity characters of the cities and landscapes of the internal areas.

Carried out in constant comparison with the engineering disciplines (“hard sciences”), the general objective of this line of research is to combine the ‘technical’ reasons for post natural disaster reconstruction and preventive securing with the ‘formal’ reasons for identity, understood as ‘recognisability’ of the constitutive characters.
The works of reconstruction as well as those of risk mitigation (both seismic and hydrogeological) usually have a powerful impact on the city and landscapes, because of their scale and dimension. Indeed, they involve parts of cities or territories and have the effect of profoundly changing their shape and characters.
Keeping together engineering and architecture, technical form and architectural form, this approach makes it possible to assume the need for reconstruction or risk mitigation as an extraordinary opportunity to strengthen the characters that determine the recognisability of a city or landscape, that is establish their identity.